Winding Machines
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ACME manufactures Programmable Winding machines in comprehensive range to meet customer’s specific demand.

Winding machines : ACME winding machines are designed with separate Electronic control unit and mechanical unit that are customized to our customer’s need. 30% of the machines supplied are customised and designed specific to customer winding needs. The software are fitted with field upgradable flash memory to help future design/modification. Since we design and manufacture the systems in house, our after sales service is excellent and cost effective.

Electronic Control Unit : The electronic unit controls the winding machine. The standard control unit consists of 40x2 LCD to display alphanumeric characters, 10 keys for data entry and three plug-in type connector for interfacing with the mechanical winding unit. This modularity enables any unskilled operator to simply replace the control unit in any part of the world in case of any fault ensuring minimum down time.

Mechanical unit : The mechanical winding unit is interfaced with the controller using a simple three plug-in type connector. This ensures quick and easy installation of the machine.

Winding Capabilities : 25 different standard product line covers wire sizes from 0.017mm/55AWG to 5.00mm/4AWG, coil diameters from 0.02 inch/0.5mm to 26inch/700mm and winding lengths from 0.02inch/0.5mm to 25/635mm with single and multi spindle machines for producing samples to high volume. Acme also specializes in building customized winding machines with AEX control units for special winding applications and this amounts to 30% of the total sales.

Selection of Winding Machines : Acme has various series of machines depending on its type of features and winding capabilities.

AES Series: Wire upto 1.00mm, diameter upto 100mm and winding length upto 400mm. Used for high accuracy and customized winding requirement with HMI and servo system.

AEE Series : Wire upto 0.6mm, diameter upto 50mm and weight upto 0.5lbs. Used for miniature coils to wind proto type, R&D and lab applications.

AEX Series : Wire upto 1.00mm, diameter upto 100mm and weight upto 2.0lbs. Multi functional, Rigid construction, High speed, wide application, Possibility of customization, Used with various optional accessories. Used for production, Special applications, Proto type, R&D and lab application.

AEW Series : Wire upto 2.00mm, diameter upto 100mm and weight upto 3.0lbs Simple coils with high torque and simple operation. Used for average quantity production for thicker wire.

AEH Series : Wire upto 3.5mm, diameter upto 500mm and weight upto 100.0lbs. Used for thicker wire and heavy coils.

AEF-01 : Strip upto 15x5mm, diameter upto 500mm and weight upto 200.0lbs. Used for distribution transformers and Low Voltage coils.

AEM-01 : For motor coils with hand feed operation. Used for motor repair shop.

Toroidal : Wire upto 1.0mm, outer diameter upto 100mm and inner diameter upto 6mm.Used for CT’s and ferrite core winding.

Special Purpose : Any other then above machines with customised winding application.

We dispatch Ex-stock standard models like AEE-01, AEX-02, AEW-5501, AEH-01, AEH-11 and LT-04 from San Diego, CA while other standard and customised machines can be dispatched within weeks' time.

Accessories : Along with winding machines, ACME has wide range of tensioner units to handle wire as thin as 55AWG/0.02mm and strip as thick as 0.6x0.2inch/15x5mm. Various options for wire guide are available to handle single to multi wires for various models of winding machine. Other accessories available are tail stock, insulation tapping unit, wire straightening unit,

Winding Machines manufactured and supplied include
  • Winding machines for virtually any type of transformer
  • Coil Winding machines for coils of LVDT, various sensors, x-ray, ignition, high voltage, solenoids, switchgear, power conditioning, relays, soldering irons, welding machines, measuring instruments, ferrite coils, ferrite drum, wire wound resistors, wire wound potentiometers, heaters, flexible strips, ballasts, medical etc.
  • Wire spooling machines for welding wires
  • Toroidal winding machines
  • Strip winding machines
  • Flyer winding machines
  • Continuous / Spiral winding machines
  • R-Core winding machines
  • Motor coil winding machines
  • Winding machines for luminary/lighting industries
  • Winding machines for automobile coils
Please contact us for any specific applications for coil winding or any additional automation needs on your existing winding machines.