Linear Winding Machines : AEH Series
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A high torque winding machine with ease in programming and operation specifically for thicker wires and heavier coils.

: Suitable for H.V. coils, P.T. Coil, Power Conditioning Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Inductors, motor coils etc.

AEH series coil winding machine comes with speed variable with speed control knob. Menu driven programming alongwith 40X2LCD display with 99 program storage for quick winding setup with add, modify, copy, list, run, delete facility. Wide variety of programmable parameters with on-line modification. A.C vector drive for high and constant torque. Flash memory makes possibility to upgrade or modify software. Wire guide, faceplate and tail stock are standard accessories included in the machine.

Optional accessories for AEH series winding machine are tensioner unit for fine wire, wire guide for fine wire, Vertical heavy tensioner unit for medium wire size, Heavy payoff for spool weighing upto 50lbs., Paper roll holder for interlayer insulation with tension adjustable, Tension cum spool holder for larger size spools, Safety guard and Servo motor driven traverse mechanism for special applications for AEH-01.
Coil Winding Machine in USA
inch mm
Wire Diameter: Upto 0.140 0.1 to 3.5
Winding Width: 5.90 (9.80 optional) 150 (250 optional)
Bobbin Diameter: 11.03 280
Speed: 750 rpm Max. / 1500 (optional) 750 rpm Max. / 1500 (optional)
Dimension WDH: 36 x 16 x 15 890 x 400 x 370
Larger coiling Machine
inch mm
Wire Diameter: Upto 0.20 0.2 to 5.00
Strip Size: 0.30 x 0.10 10.0 to 3.0
Winding Width: 11.80 (19.60 optional) 300 (500 optional)
Bobbin Diameter: 19.60 500
Speed: 500 rpm Max. 500 rpm Max.
Dimension WDH: 52 x 22 x 18 1300 x 550 x 450
*For improving performance, ACME Mechantronics reserves the right to make changes in specifications & machine without prior notice.
  • 1)Pump coil with 800mm diagonal length
  • 2)PT Coil with interlayer stop
  • 3)Two Coil Winding for PT Coils
  • 4)9 AWG Winding on AEH-01
  • 5)3 set of 6 motor Coils Wound on AEH-11
  • 6)Programming AEH01
  • 7)Stopping at every layer on AEH-01
  • 8)Motor Coil Winding on AEH-01
  • 9)Various coil winding on AEH-01
  • 10)Various coil winding on AEH-11
  • 11)Two motor coils of 450mm length
  • 12)11x4 Strip Winding on AEH-1