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Coil Winding Machine Manufacturer in USA

Coil winding machine is the mechatronics involving mechanical and electronic components. ACME Mechatronics, Inc. is dedicated to provide best solution and service to winding field.

ACME MECHATROINCS, INC. is a US based company involved in manufacturing and supplying winding machines and accessories used in the field of coil winding applications. More than 25 standard coil winders are available to handle wide range of coil winding application with magnetic wire size ranging from 0.0008 inch to 0.2 inch in diameter, with coils upto 18 inch in diameter and winding lengths upto 22 inch with single and multi-spindle machines for producing samples to high volume. Apart from Transformer winding machines and magnetic coil winding machines, ACME also specializes in building customized winding machines with AEX control units for Special winding applications like Spiral winding machines, Stator winding machines, Toroidal winding machines, R-Core Winding machines, Motor Coil Winding machines, Long Axial winding machines. Standard models are available off the self at San Diego, USA.

Company is also committed to be one stop solution for various machines and accessories related to winding application. Acme Mechatronics coil winding products allows easy technology transfer from prototype to manufacturing scale.
1505 Douglas Ave.,
Colleyville, TX 76034, USA
Phone: 858-935-7688 / 858-790-2397

Working Hours:

Mon-Fri 7am - 7pm pst
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 We were in the market for a coil winding machine. We reviewed all the winders we could find, looking for a winder with the right value - price vs. capabilities and an acceptable warranty...
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- Michael Seedman, RF Concepts

 My business is selling and exporting equipment to customers in the Pacific. I have a shipyard customer that required a replacement coil winding machine for their operations...
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- Tim Flagstad, Crown Sales, Inc

 We worked with ACME Mechatronics to create a machine that would wind our micro generators. The people we worked with were all willing to go the extra mile to ensure the machine would meet our needs...
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- Matt Stanton, Sole Power LLC

 We were looking for a machine to manufacture concentric coils for our electric motor stators. We contacted ACME who gave us a very good support to choose the right type of machine regarding our specifications...
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- Am´┐Żlie Barbier ing jr., Industrialization coordinator, TM4 Inc.

  Doing business with Acme Mechatronics was very reliable. We would definitely buy another coil winder from this company...
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- Robert Lloy,

 We bought this coil winding machine to wind small coils of about 1.5-10mm in diameter and fine wire gauges of ~42AWG. You need to make your own Bobbin mandrel/tool with desired diameter but then the machine works really well...
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- Dr Shanti Deemyad, University of Utah

 Thank you for the coil winding machine. The machine has enhanced our training program in installation and maintenance of electrical machines. The specifications are in sync with the requirements that were requested...
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- Ms. Tanesha Chambers, St. Catherine, Jamaica

 We are a research group that requires the precision and accuracy to produce coils with very specific characteristics for our continued exploration and discovery in various fields of science...
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- An Ecstatic Customer of Acme Mechatronics